Most Wordpress themes wont install.

Hi. I have an unlimited subscription , and most of the wordpress themes wont install.
The most common response is “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” In some cases, it says, “incompatible archive”. In some cases, the demo content wont install.

So far I havent been able to complete a single install successfully. I may be missing something, but Id appreciate some guidance on how to achieve a correct install with demo content.

Could also be a Kit not a Theme which has to be installed differently.

Demo content may be restricted to full copy downloads and not Elements versions - again depends on the file.

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Really depends on the item.

Usually the missing style sheet is because of trying to install the wrong

I did find that, and ensure that i was using the theme file. The themes install while using the zip file…but the demo content never loads. its weird.

Check documentation how to install demo content.

Incompatible arcchive is an error which is introduced by recent WP update. It is a false positive and a ticket is going on in WP for this. This happens because most designers use Macs which creates a hidden file .macosx in the folders which causes this issue.
There is a very easy fix.

Hello Envato team, I can’t upload the zipfile or the PDF version of the theme I bought on Friday. I have a PC not a MAC. I sent an email to Envato twice already.

This is the message I get: Upload Your Theme

Installing theme from uploaded file:
Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

Please advice.

It’s a template kit - you need to use the envato plugin

Thank you. I just asked ChatGPT and followed that instructions. Problem is now that I installed it but it turns out in order to use the template I have to buy elementor pro. Why are these not disclosed from the start to inform the user what they are getting into, IT is wrong.

What’s the item link? This is usually disclosed

Really. let me check

I dont’ see any disclosure form nor a language stating terms and conditions.

Those has to be disclosed before a purchase in the US per law. I see it’s an Australian company, yet selling globally. Not OK.

This file?

If so it’s clearly explained in the item description

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This is an Elementor Template Kit, not aWordPress Theme. Elementor kits contain the page design data for the Elementor builder plugin only and are installed using the Envato Elements plugin for WordPress. The install instructions are listed on the item page under “How to Use Template Kits” or a general guide may be found here: