Can't download August FREE files on August 31st, 2018

Is there any way to adjust the calendar/clock for the FREE downloads to allow for those in the Western Hemisphere to download on the last day of the month like based on the country in your profile or maybe a timezone setting per account? Its 10:50am here on August 31st and the FREE downloads don’t show up as downloadable once logged in.

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Unfortunately not. Free files are based in Envato’s timezone (which is in AEST, where it is already September), so there are new free files available. You can find them by scrolling down on the homepage of one of the marketplaces.

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See that is what is odd, I’m still seeing the August free items on the home page. If the home page said September, I wouldn’t have posted here but the home page does still say August, that is why I was seeing a disconnect.

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I totally agree! It is 10am in the middle of the United States. Supposed to expire 10pm August 31st. Totally bummed.

Same problem here in Canada, I still saw august files as free files but they are not free.

Ah you’re right. It seems they have not updated the free files yet. Please give them some time.

On a side note, the ability to have the date/time based on the logged in user’s timezone isn’t that difficult either. Add a field to everyone’s profile for timezone (default to AEST if need be), then in the script that dictates the current date/time use the profile’s timezone to adjust accordingly. As a programmer myself, that seems to be a simple solution for having the date/time be profile based not server based.

Hi @RoniRoo - just out of curiosity, where did you see 10pm August 31? Free files never expired before the end of the month, they’ve always expired at exactly midnight, on the first day of the next month, AEST.

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okay, well it’s not midnight here and I can’t download any of the FREE files

oh, yeah, it says 11:59 – my brain said 10pm cuz that’s when I get off my computer. It’s my rule to myself. Smile

and if they’re not available, stop telling me hurry up and download them. Smile

So you got an email, I see. At the bottom it specifies the timezone as AEST. Which is Australia Eastern time.


Sometimes email takes a while to be delivered due to issues with your mail provider or any server in between. This could cause you to receive the freebies email near or after they expired. But still, you had an entire month. :wink:

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so maybe you could send the reminder earlier for us poor people who live in the US?

yes, true, I’ll be sure to tell my Grandfather and then a week later my Grandmother in law that their deaths, arranging funerals and burials, and receptions really messed with my download schedule.

not working for me also Dated: 14th august 11:27 PM IST