Cannot upload WPLMS Theme! Error: The Link You Followed Has Expired!

My page is running on PHP 7.4
BUT I cannot upload the WPLMS Theme.
The error message: The Link You Followed Has Expired!
And yes, i know there are 2 versions… 1 with all the files and one with the WP files only.
I tried both and it gives the same error message.
Can anyone please tell me what is going on here?
It shouldnt be so difficult to get assistance if you paid for a theme.

That error means the file is too large for your server. You’re almost certainly hitting a memory or upload limit imposed by your web hosting company.

You could contact your web host and tell them the size of the zip file you’re trying to upload - they will be able to check the limits and raise them if necessary.

Alternatively, you could…

Thank you so much! I highly appreciate it - I will contact my ISP, or alternatively try your suggestions.

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No problem! :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, by “web hosting company” I meant the company hosting your website, such as GoDaddy, HostGator, etc - not your home’s internet provider.


Hi again… My ISP&Web Hosting company is the same company :slight_smile: I Just wanted to thank you once again - happy to report, I managed to upload the theme, so it was definitely a size issue. The error message threw me & i thought there was a problem with the theme. Thanks again

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