Cannot find the song with Soundizer


Hello, guys. I tried to find a song using Soundizer and no result. I deleted the preview and now I only have a small part of the song, the rest is being mixed with the voice of the narrator. I really need to find the song for a project I have.
Can you help me, please? It is urgent:(


Post here the part you have and maybe someone will help you


here is the small part

Thank you a lot.


Sorry can’t recognise. Maybe someone will help you today :slight_smile: good luck


Thank you, finally I looked for a new song. Thank you for your time and help, Wolfsound.


No problem man. Hope you get what you need . :slight_smile:


I’m trying to find a song as well, but does not seem to work.

Is there any way to search?

I uploaded the file to soundcloud for reference:

Thanks in advance!


I dont reconize it… sorry!

Soundizer is down for me as well it seems, for anyone else as well? It’s been two days now.