Soundizer isn't finding the track for me. Please help!


Downloaded several files, and the one chosen by the client, I stupidly didn’t mark down.

Soundizer has worked in the past but this time I have had no luck what so ever.

If anyone could help me find this track it would be hugely appreciated!


OMG! hahaha I recognize the song, but I can´t remember right now!! :rage:
I´ll try to find it tomorrow, now it´s too late to start. I will search in my history browser.


Thank you!

I am going to spend the day trying to search for it… I’m not sure I am going to have much luck as it was a month a go I originally searched for it :joy:


HAHAHA I found it!! :smiley:
Corporate Motivational from HitsLab user



You have saved me from a world of pain! Thank you! :laughing:


Good! Im glad to help, to you and an audiojungle´s mate. :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!!