Cannot find my PRO form to fill in


I have received multiple emails warning me to fill in a PRO form but I cannot find it, the link sends me here:

404 - Nothing to see here
Just kidding. There’s plenty to see on AudioJungle. Why not
try a search, or take a look at our Popular files?

I am always being sent to:

But there is nothing there.




Just go to the “settings” tab of your dashboard. Then on the left-hand collumn, under “Author Tools” click on “Performing Rights Organizations” and voila :slight_smile:

EDIT: or simply replace [account_name] by your actual username in the URL you were provided and it should work as well.

Hi PurpleFrogSound,

The reason I added [account_name] is because I did not know if it was safe to show the account name int he forum :slight_smile:

Regarding the link you gave me, yes I did that already where it says:
I have a P.R.O. affiliation
Choose this option if you belong to a P.R.O. Please note this is for informational purposes only, and will not result in any changes to your account or items at this time.

But there is no paperwork to fill, how do they know my PRS artist names as I have multiple?

Thank you!


It’s because the policy change will take place on October 4th. So for now you just need to select one of the two options. In a few hours, the interface will change and you will be able to put in your information.