Cannot browse the materials - Something went wrong !

16/3/2020 i log into the account but i cannot browse anything. The window shows “Something went wrong” - I cannot find the support chat so i made this topic on the forum - hope the Management Team of Envato can fix it. Thanks

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Same issue here!

from my side item brwsing is woeking fine. Please clear browser cache and try again. Thanks

Hi @QuickieGBR and @ahlers_nguyen,

I don’t see anything wrong either, and our monitoring hasn’t picked anything up so far. Could you please provide some screenshots if you’re still seeing the issue?

I have the same issue. I received an email that said my subscription has expired and auto renew didn’t work and all the links in the email show me the same page “Something went wrong…”. I can’t login or do anything. I tried login in from 3 different browsers and on all 3 I get the same message, after inserting the user and pass, and going to the Pricing page and hitting the Start now link.


For account related issues please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


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