Cannot access my wp-admin page

I’ve installed motor themes into my website, but after I completed import and applied Classo template, I can’t access my wp-admin page. When I try to access the wp-admin page, it always redirects to the motoro login page. Please help me, Thankyou


so basically you can’t log in to the website or you are logged in as administrator and stuck with redirect from /wp-admin to /login?

You should contact your Theme provider. Besides, You should check your plugins. Maybe any plugins occurred the problem

I logged in as administrator and stuck with redirect from /wp-admin to /login

OK, then disable all plugins except for the functional plugins that come with the theme.
In other words, you need to figure out what causes this redirect first, then you’ll understand what you need to do to solve this issue.

Another way: try different browser. There is a little chance that something might be wrong with browser settings or with browser modules/plugins/extensions.

From the author:

We are working on update, for WordPress 5.5 meanwhile please contact support channel to resolve your issue.

So it looks like this theme have a compability issues with WordPress v5.5.

Thanks for the help