Site admin redirects to hack only after installing avada theme. Works again upon theme removal.

Hello; One our sites was recently hacked and is redirecting to random sites. I eventually just created a new WP install. Everything was going well until I re downloaded the avada theme (clean download from my envato login). This immediately causes any dashboard/admin page to redirect again. If I remove the avada theme, I can use the admin again. Using WP 5.2.1, Avada 5.9.1, but my php is a bit outdated 5.6.31. IIS Server 2012 R2. So far I can quickly hit STOP on each admin page to prevent the redirect execution. Any idea whats invoking the redirect hack? The front end no longer redirects, just the admin. Can my php install on the server be the culprit? Thanks for any help.


You can contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you in this issue


Hi there

First off, if you need to cerate a support ticket do so here > - secondly, being hacked come originate from dozens of sources, from plugins to weak log in creds and beyond. Are you plugins up to date? Are you using the Convert Plus plugin perhaps?

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