Can you help me, please? My track was rejected and I don't know why.

Days ago I uploaded this track; howver it was rejected.
Could you give me feeedbakc, please?

Thanks in advance

The buildup is long, the shift is sudden, there’s also a period of near silence for the first two seconds that I’m not sure the purpose of. I think the cymbal could also be a little cleaner, I’m not sure what sample you used but it sounds a bit dirty/fuzzy and from what I’ve seen AudioJungle tends to reject samples that aren’t really clean and clear. Overall it’s a solid track and I think it’d be accepted with a bit more polish. I hope this helps!

To be honest I was not expecting any response from the community as I am new here. I really appreciate that you took the time to help me.
Thank you very much!

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I think this would have a much better chance of being accepted if it started around 0:09 instead of having that long intro