Can someone explain me why big artists don't sell their music here?

Can someone explain me why big artists don’t sell their music here?

i guess they would dominate the market if they did…but what’s the reason behind them not doing it?

thanks for your help

Because it is highly doubtly they would dominate. It is specific market which needs kind of kitschy tinge, universality and huge luck to become a top seller. Not only skills focused on one genre.

And it is doubtly that big names would earn here more than they earn normally.

Btw which artists you had on your mind?


any artist…

lets say there’s a tv producer looking for music

wouldn’t he just google here “calvin harris” or whatever, he’s probably most familiar with all his songs so he knows what he needs already for example?

there must be another reason they don’t sell their music here…

what i’m guessing is that they want higher return per placement, like $10,000 per usage? or i really don’t know what else could be the reason

I think big artists make a lot of money from either gigs (projects) or live performance not to mention many people do stream their music online or buy their records.
Composing stock music is probably not worth the time nor the effort.

I would also like to know which artists you thought of so I can elaborate more.


what about smaller bands however?

i’m not familiar with all of them…but lets say bands that make a living touring…why not have their music here too?

Any artist is highly reliable on the name they built for themselves. It would be a downgrade to struggle to put out music consistently that they won’t even get any credit for. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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btw with that quality of music u have, I don’t think i’ll bother uploading on this site…do you make better sales elsewhere?

i can’t even make half as good music to that i think

I tried selling somewhere else before but it didn’t work out at all. That’s why I’m an exclusive seller now.
Also the quality is achievable trust me! Don’t give up and if you need help shoot me a DM I’ll be more than glad to help out as much as I can :slight_smile:

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hm ok…i tried one year on i think u could have used it better, they sometimes looking for those kind of thing, i never managed to get a forward i tried a couple of times

thanks a lot for your answers and help

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  • have publishing contracts which are exclusive or
  • don’t know they can sell their music here due to traditional attitude or
  • don’t have time to do it or
  • their music does not have commercial quality or
  • they sing in other language than english and spanish or


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i think the first point is whats going on…their contracts don’t permit it, being exclusive

but i’m not sure if there’s a market to license popular songs? maybe u have to reach to their publishing company or whatever and negotiate, but seems so tough to do

Because they are totally different animals.Big ‘artists’ are defined by their style.They do ( some of them atleast) own a personality, defined by a genre.RF market is a chameleon.You need to be really flexible, or to master a niche , but somehow, that will limit your options.I am pretty sure my explanation is a lame rationalisation, and in fact they have enough money and they consider it really doesn’t worth the hassle.And i thank God for that.:neutral_face:


How do you know they don’t? :slight_smile: I’ve heard rumours that @RedOctopus is a secret moniker of Hans Zimmer!

I know of at least one famous composer writing for one top-tier UK library - it is Boris Blank from Yello. His production music stuff is awesome.

Dunno, maybe big artists simply don’t do production music; it’s a specific genre and it doesn’t bring you fame or substantial money, so why should they care :slight_smile: Besides, remember that for a long time RF music and market were considered inferior and even shameful (yes, I know it’s just plain stupid).


I suspect there may be a few biggish name producers on AJ but they are not likely to reveal their identities :slight_smile:

100% ))) I always suspected him of this! (in his spare time he works part-time in Hollywood, but this is just an additional income) :wink:

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the main thing is that there are famous producers among the buyers;)