Can I use personal website to redirect people to my Envato Studio Account?

First of all, sorry if this is the wrong category.

I’m a Sound Designer and I want to create a little company that provides Mixing, Mastering and Sound Design to people.
I was thinking to request an Envato Studio Account and if I’ll be accepted I want to create a website where I redirect people to my Envato Studio Account and they, eventually, pay me through Envato.

I know I’m still a new user, but I did serveral jobs with an Italian studio and I want to create one by my own.
I’m asking this because I don’t want to take the risk to be banned from here, so I’m just asking.

Thanks for reading.

Hi there,

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That sounds like a good idea and one that isn’t against the rules, as far as I’m aware…


Thanks a lot for the reply.
This will help me a lot to expand my profession.
Thanks again.

You’re planning to be an author on Envato, right? I don’t think it’s against the rules :slight_smile:

You can use your website to redirect customers to envato studio but why you are willing to redirect your customers from your website to Envato Studio Account. If you can get customers on your site itself thn why to pay commission to envato? You can show them that you have so and so reviews etc but redirecting customers to another platform is not a good idea.

You should rather get customers from envato studio to your site. May be im wrong but this is just a thought

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Jthemes, That’s because I live in Italy and I would pay a lot in fees and taxes if I create a legacy studio because I should declare the money I make, but If I use envato I will save more money.

If I create a legacy company I will pay almost 70% - 60% in taxes. Trust me, is a lot.
I’m not against taxes, I’m against exaggerated taxes.

So, I prefer to be professional sound designer covered as an envato user.
It’s a win-win for me an envato, maybe in future when I get my own costumes I’ll make a legacy company, but for now I can’t steal costumes from the company I work to.
But, again, thanks for the tip.
I will talk about that to the other member of my little staff (I’m not working alone in this project) they will probably tell me to follow your tip, but I have to analyze it well for fees, taxes and other costs.
Thanks again.

Ok good luck

Sounds good to me. I think there’s a referral commission on Envato Studio as well, so that could get you a bit more cash.

I dont know it exactly, but for now I have to create a very good portfolio before apply for envato studio.

I’ve recently set up a simple website using weebly combined with Soundcloud to do just this.

Everything helps :slight_smile:

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Hi fudeel,
Thanks for taking a look but… is there a problem…
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I may need to adjust something?

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Hi! We create a web site with ref links and have no problems yet )

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