Can I switch between two themes of my two individual Shopify stores ?

Can anyone please tell me something about Licensing. I am not clear about this through license information. I want to know that, is it possible to switch between two themes of my 2 individual shopify stores. I am asking this because, I want to make sure that if once I used a particular theme for a particular and then after some time I want it to use for other store by removing from 1st store. Would it be possible. Does I break any license rule?

Hello. Technically you’ll want an individual license for each project/site. You might be able to ask the author to reset your license if you switch themes, but they wouldn’t be under obligation to do so.


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Hi @KingDog , Thanks for the reply. I know, technically a theme needs to be licensed individually for each time it will gonna be used. But my query is somewhat different. In my case, I wanted to know that if I used Theme1 already for Store1, but now I want it to use it for Store2 (only for Store2) and use something else for Store1. Does I require one more licensing for Theme1?

Yes in that situation it would depend on the author as mentioned.