Can I really retail and wholesale on the same shopify website ?

Hi Guys

First please excuse my grammar this 15 years not using a pen is really taking a toll on my writing skills

I import directly from china, I have 2 shopify websites 1 retail and 1 wholesale. I have been racking my brain for the last 2 years whether to add wholesale to my my retail site, and wind down my wholesale site. but there are some serious concerns I have, I really would appreciate any advice.

I have stopped doing seo as I don’t know which site I need to focus on, I have just installed bold wholesale app, with custom pricing, I get how it all works, but I feel I am not going to convince people to sign up as easy or I will get load of time wasters trying to sign up to get cheap products, I want serious resellers of my unique products but these days you cant tell who can become a great buyer or not. I like retail as the rewards are big then then again so are wholesale, some orders can be nearly a £1000 each, this is not small business should I say

I also sell on ebay/amazon via the Codisto app that I have installed on my retail site, but this might not be relevant to this thread

Just a few cons of having wholesale and retail of one site

  1. If it only takes 5 seconds for someone to decide whether they want to buy from a website, is creating a barrier to entry by not displaying wholesale prices a good idea?, I mean you need to impress the browser fast by displaying low wholesale prices from the get go, but having retail prices showing first might put the wholesale customer off. Not showing wholesale prices straight away and having them sign up for wholesale is a MASSIVE barrier to entry right?
  2. Making different carriers for wholesale is tricky as retail is usually a flat rate charge say £3/£4 per order , but wholesale is tricky as it need differing pricing as 6kg to France is different than UK etc
  3. Adding custom lockable pages is a headache if you want to promote wholesale special offers
  4. I don’t want my affiliate program to get discount off my wholesale orders, also I don’t want my retail coupon codes being used for wholesale login orders

We don’t want my retail buyers seeing that I offer wholesale 5-6 times low prices than my retail prices right, that will really put them off, so I can only think of a wholesale form which I have made but I wonder if this would put people off signing up, also how will I focus wholesale SEO keywords to this retail site?


Easy seo and marketing on one website

Less shopify fees without 2 stores half the apps extra

Clearer to think running one site, easy to get motivated and focus building the brand via social media ect

Please can you guys help me understand how I can feel confident to make the plunge, I have about 20 regular wholesale buyers, I am just concerned that this move will make things not as smooth or new customer will not sign up as easy as before, but then again I am just spinning my wheels constantly as I don’t know which way to go and not making progress in my business.

I really appreciate any advice with this, thank you so much Dan