Can I post a theme and wait for validation to buy liscences

I was wondering if there’s a way to get over validatoon without buying extended or comercials licenses


if you plan to use a plugin or commercial feature in your theme or file then you must submit it with all of the necessary licenses and permissions needed when it is being reviewed.

I know it’s not recommended but can I post it with regular licences and the final user could buy them later

No - it wouldn’t be not recommended, it would be illegal and in breach of your author agreement with envato.

The reviewer cannot check a theme and then should it be approved, not release the item and hold on to it while they wait for you to buy the required licenses.

But I did find that some users post their work license excluded image

That’s a fair question - I have never before seen that before and am 99% sure that i would be rejected.

At the end of the day it is your risk but you definitely won’t be able to claim that the plugin is included nor add in the functionality to allow buyers to download or install plugins via your API until the right licenses are in place.

I’d guess that if you wanted to release a file that uses Visual Composer for example but put in he description that actually the plugin is no included and buyers would need to buy their own copy then I suppose that would be ok although it would be suicide in terms of reputation and sales plus I still think a reviewer would reject it.