Can I compare my theme with another popular theme to show its better?

Hi, Can I compare theme to another theme on theme information page? The theme authors made a youtube video which tells usage of their theme and I want to make comparison video with that because the theme uses many short code like usefulness but its popular still.

If you mean create a video that cross compares your theme to another one, just to demonstrate why yours is better then I don’t think this is a very good idea.

You definitely wouldn’t be able to market; the video and I don’t really see how it is relevant:

  • it’s impossible to determine what is ‘useful’ to different buyers

  • in the same way that your theme may be better than this one, there will be others which is better than yours

You would be far better off concentrating on demoing the versatility and features of your theme alone rather than trying to compare it to others

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ok thank you for your reply