Can I add a banner "Donations for Ukraine" on the Envato Item page?


I want to add a banner “Donations for Ukraine” on my Envato item pages. Will Envato block my account if I do it?

Thank you.

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I don’t think you should do that because Envato won’t let you in, but you can still talk to them.

You better not

Of course you can! However, first, you must notify Envato staff and await approval, and you can only use official Humanitarian Organizations. (not sure what the protocol on items is though, that’s why it’s best to contact support in this matter)

Here’s a quote from @BenLeong regarding this

And you can hit up Envato Authors Help and Support here. Be sure to include the link to the post from Ben in your ticket. This is a very, very fresh rule.

Warm regards mate!

Hi! There’s a bit of confusion here, which I’ll try to clear up:

The donations and fundraising rule posted by @Enabled above is for the Envato Forums - i.e. the discussions and replies posts here on this site. We implemented a change last week to allow some fundraising promotion for humanitarian aid NGOs, with the limitations specified above.

For the question from @BestlookerTeam about promoting on Envato Market item pages, we have an existing FAQ that covers this - you can find it here (scroll down to the section labelled "using your Envato account for charitable purposes):

The full text of that policy is:

Using your Envato account for charitable purposes

If you’d like to use your Envato Market account to engage in fundraising on behalf of a recognized, tax-deductible charitable organization, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

Contact the organization you wish to raise money for:

  • Let them know what you have in mind. They may have some tips and guide you on the best way to approach your project.
  • Ask them whether you need permission to use their name and trademark especially if you’ll be promoting your items on the Market by affiliating yourself with that charity.
  • They’ll also be able to help answer any questions you and customers might have about how donated funds are used. This way everyone’s on the same page about your intentions.

Decide on how you will promote the charity:

  • Be sure to include clear information about the donation details and the organization you’re supporting on your profile page and in your item description.
  • Provide as much information as possible, about the charity you’re supporting. Include a link(s) to their website, so customers can find out more about the charity and your fundraising efforts.
  • We wish you well and hope that your generosity and hard work make a positive impact on your chosen charity.
  • Please keep the charity promotion to your profile and item pages only and not on the forums. (NOTE: See the new forum policy above)

As always, any use of your Envato Market account must be in line with the Envato Market Terms and Author Terms.

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