Can Autors use Free Brushes To Make Photoshop Actions ?

Can Autors use Free Brushes To Make Photoshop Actions or they must create thier own ?


Probably not, but it depends on the license of these free brushes, so you’ll have to check that. The basic deal is, you can use anything you want in your items, as long as you have permission to do so… so you need to check that yourself.

And make sure the person giving them away fro free has the right to do so… otherwise you might get the real owner of them tracking you down in the future!

Some brushes are for free at google so i had idea to edit them then to make similar brushes .I think it will not be a problem ?

‘At Google’? Where is this Google you speak of? I’m hoping you’re not meaning that they’re on Google image search?

Upss sorry i dint explain good

I googled and find some websites then i entered them they were free to download …

“free to download” does not necessarily mean “free to use in ALL circumstances”

You need to check the license

Ok i Got it …