Can anyone help me, the items HTML is rejected

hi everyone

In themes i use, how do I know my items is rejected ?

  1. Webpack

  2. MyFilles

  1. Description

  2. Style comment code

  3. I can edit this items to keep resubmitting ? before that i had a soft rejected item

url demo Tom Peters - Personal resume, portfolio, blog HTML Template

Can anyone help me, this is very important to me
Thanks very much

What is the rejected reason ?

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“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Tom Peters - Personal resume, portfolio, blog HTML Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

here is the content

What is the first reason ?

The concept is so over done and it’s very easy to find similar for free online

If you want to submit in this category then you really need to find something more distinct and unique in terms of features and functionality

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I think it’s a review where it’s not clear exactly what users need before public items, I think envato should have user reviews on view metrics, dwell time, number of purchases…

We have reviewed your item. Design very low quality there is no premium quality. you can follow the latest recent items.Note: Envato approved only quality and Morden items.

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I have updated some new layout options, you can review and give feedback.


Not enough changes you need to change design concept. You can follow the below items.

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I think some groups of people still need to use the basic, traditional features (my resume, services, blog … etc ). So my components will be displayed in item.

Thanks you your contribution.

A few issues:

  1. if you were hard rejected then small tweaks is not enough and could get you blocked. You have to add significant change

  2. people may still need these basics BUT there are already many similar items for sale and available for free online, so again you need to modernise and add premium value and functionality

  3. working or well designed items is not enough on its own - you have to compete in the marketplace and offer enough to warrant someone paying for the item

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Your comments are awesome.
Thank you so much.