Buying correct font licence

Hey, I want to use a font in After Effects which will then be broadcast. What licence do I need and if the licence type is not listed on the add to cart or buy now, how do I go about getting it?

Thank you.

Font in question:

You can’t do these things…

5.You can’t re-distribute a Tool or App (this includes no public distribution, display or performance). You also can’t modify or make derivatives of a Tool or App.

For example: You purchase a PSD brush; you can’t give the brush file to a friend.
The Tool or App is licensed to you ‘as is’ and is a complete item that cannot be modified.

6.You can’t incorporate or distribute the Tool or the App with an End Product. But you may link the users of the End Product to where they can directly license the Tool or App.

For example: You license a font and use it in a poster template. You can’t include the font in the poster template download, but you can link buyers of the template to the font.

…but you can do pretty much anything else. So as long as you’re not selling, transferring or giving away the actual fonts, you can use the fonts in any video you create, whether it’s broadcast or not.