Building website concept from PPT Template

Hi There

I am new to the platform. I am a musician working on my new website concept. I just found a powerpoint template from graphicriver that I really like. My goal is to buy the template and then hand on my concept to my IT guy.

Does include the original picture of the Powerpoint templates in the purchased package or only the powerpoint file?

My IT guy will need the original pics to design my website.

Thanks for your help and adivse

99% sure they will not be included

hi Michael, no indeed this looks simply impossible as this implies that the concerned powerpoint maker would have bought every single picture with an extended license , which is not done as the guy would only have economical dumping in the end lol. Though this is not lost for u , as u may know goggle offers a image tool and will search for you the concerned picture following the preview that u will have uploaded, u will be free to buy the normal license so that u can use them , this way :slight_smile: