Build a Social App With React Native


I only just purchased this tutorial today and I’m disappointed. It seems that it might already be outdated. :frowning: I could be wrong, but it appears that this may be the case.

I am attempting to create an app that has a social element to it, so thought that this would be a great help to me since I am new to react native, then I realised that some things are greyed out in my editor.

Just wondering if anyone else had similar issues, or if there’s a workaround for it.


Hi @GeriSul,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with this course. React Native is a pretty fast-moving platform, so some aspects might have changed since the course was produced. What in particular are you having trouble with?


Several things appear to be outdated, so it’s impossible to use the tutorial to create a working app. I was working on the Navigator part of the tutorial. I gave up on it after realising nothing was working from the RootNavigator

I got errors on the Left and Right buttons here where “LeftButton:” and “RightButton:” are greyed out.

const NavigationBarRouteMapper = {
  LeftButton: function (route, navigator, index, navState) {
    return route.leftButton ? (
    ) : null;
  Title: function (route, navigator, index, navState) {
    return route.title ? (
        style={[styles.titleStyle, SharedStyles.navBarTitleText]}
    ) : null;
  RightButton: function (route, navigator, index, navState) {
    return route.rightButton ? (
    ) : null;

The imports have changed as well, but I figured this part out myself :

export default class RootNavigator extends React.Component {

you have to now import React {Component} from react native, and open class with “class RootNavigator extends Component {” and “export default RootNavigator” at the end of the page.

There’s probably a few other things in there too that is throwing up errors.


I will add one more thing though. While I appreciate that certain new languages are being updated and will mean that tutorials will become outdated after a year, those tutorials still shouldn’t be on sale… or at least not without a warning that react native is changing and some things might not work anymore.

It really is a pain for someone like me who is a student, and was using it as help to complete the login part of a mobile application assignment.

I’ve already paid for it now, and knowing after the fact that it’s outdated doesn’t help me.


Hi @GeriSul,

I totally agree! That’s an oversight on my part that the course is out of date. I’ll work with the course instructor @mmuehlberger to see about updating it with to the latest React Native version.

In the mean time, we’ve just produced a new version of our course Get Started With React Native. It’s just gone live. Perhaps we could give you access to that course, pending a proper revision of the Build a Social App course?

cc @JoelBankhead

I’m sorry for the frustration this must have caused!


Hi @GeriSul,

I’ve added our new Get Started With React Native course to your account. I hope you find that useful!


this is so outdated that it will cause you more headache than triumph.


We’ve got a new version of this course almost ready. We’ll be publishing it in the next few weeks! In the meantime, Get Started With React Native is current with all the latest APIs!


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