Bootstrap or Foundation?

What do you prefer to use for your HTML templates? Bootstrap or Foundation?
I like Bootstrap, because it’s popular (and I know it:grin:), but today I take a look on Foundation.
And, yuo know, I am fall in love with Foundation Starter Project. After installation you’ll have all that you need - html, sass, js, img compilation, browsersync etc.

So what do you use and what do you think about each of them?

None. They both suck. Write the CSS yourself. Especially now with Gulp + Sass it has become way easier.

I don’t agree with you)) They have at least great grid system.
And Foundation has Gulp+Sass))

I’m not a fan.

If you’re familiar with CSS both frameworks are pure overkill (yes, the grids as well, grids are not rocket science and have become even easier to build with flexbox), they are nice for prototyping or useful for when you don’t have any front-end developers on your team.

For products I build custom CSS and then see if I can expose a Bootstrap and Foundation way of using them.


@pqina, true. It is not difficult to built grids and it doesn’t make sense to overkill your app with so many lines of code you are eventually gonna overwrite.

Unless, you are forced to use one of those by your boss… That was the only time I had to use them. One of the perks of being a freelancer is that you can choose what you work with.

And what about costomers? Do they take care about frameworks we use in our templates? Or they just want to see a nice work?

I dont like to use framework where it needn’t, because he gives you not only faster way but more weight for your app.

I notice that customers do like frameworks.

So building a JavaScript plugin in vanilla JavaScript is lean and mean but customers are often looking for a jQuery plugin. Same with CSS I think. Therefor I always try to add a jQuery wrapper so my plugins also expose a jQuery API, the same could be possible for Foundation and Bootstrap.

From a marketing perspective I think it’s positive to have those terms in your product description.

@FairyTheme customers don’t care - usually they are non tech people, hence why they hire you. That’s why I love being a freelancer, because you choose your own tools. Only when you work in an office you are forced to use what your boss tells you…

Yes and it prevents you from learning.

A while ago I had to implement my first functionality using PHP SDK since I was making the e-shop from scratch and usually I have used a plugin for… It was difficult but I learnt a lot, hence why it is useful to write your own apps.

Yes, that’s great to be the boss for yourself:grinning:

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