Bootstrap vs Custom Stylesheet


I’m currently in the process of making a PHP script. It’s going great so far and it has all the functionality I hoped. However for the front end side of things (login, admin panel etc etc) I am currently using a style-sheet I created from scratch. The style-sheet is not too bad however I feel its lacking aesthetic quality and feel that something like Bootstrap would be more suitable.

Should I continue with my style-sheet and spend a lot time working on that and perhaps not focusing as much on the PHP script itself, or should I just use Bootstrap?

I was told to post here to get everyone’s opinions. I’m just curious as to if the product will be rejected because I used Bootstrap over a custom style-sheet. Would I have more of a chance with my own custom one?

What I assumed was that because I am making a PHP script, the CSS doesn’t have to be re-done as it s readily available. As long as it looks good and does what it has to.


It is better to use a known framework that others are already familiar with. It will allow you to target a larger user base but let’s also not forget what frameworks like bootstrap bring to the table at no cost eg: grid system, responsiveness, custom form elements, typography, components and browser compatibility to name the main ones.

These things are hard to ignore and as you feared, it will force you to invest more time in development and even more time in maintaining your custom framework.

Most scripts use bootstrap already and are accepted, so you should be fine :+1:

Thank you for the reply ! Very insightful advise. I agree, I feel that where customization is considered, a user will be able to have less problems using a familiar framework that has a plethora of documentation and features. If it was custom, customization might seem difficult and the user would have to grasp a knowledge of the style sheet prior to customization. Using bootstrap would also give a larger amount of possibilities. Don’t re create the wheel when it’s already been created! Thanks :)!