Blog on Avada / help?

Hi There I’m a newbie. I am wanting /trying to create a blog page that has the same feel as this one Russell Brand | Collected Writings (also built on Avada) but Im wondering if it possible using the Avada functions / blog functions. What I a hoping to create is something similar that just updates automatically (new posts at top) when I post a new blog post. Is this possible to do within the Theme using Blog functionality or do I have to use containers and build each post separately each time (by cloning) therefore losing all the functionality of the blog element (recent posts, key word search etc).

if you create new posts from the Posts menu then the latest new post should appear at top of the blog page, it is normal behavior of the blog posts. but you can ask any pre-purchase query directly to the Item author by posting comments going through the Item Comments page. Item author will answer your query.


Thanks for your reply… helpful. as for asking the item author (avada) I have actually purchased some time ago and did not have time to set up - and no longer have service left on the product - Thank you for your input = )