Black Friday Offer 2015


I have seen that a lot of companies providing great offer on this BLACK FRIDAY 2015, But I have not get any update or news like these from Themeforest !! Is there any opportunity to give some offer on these like this? If yes then I would like to buy some themes. I think many people will also get a chance like this.


Hi Ahmed!

Prices on ThemeForest are low the whole year. There’s no need to wait for a bargain!

Best, Xaver


The Internet usually has more deals on Cyber Monday, but companies take any opportunity to make money these days. However, as @revaxarts has stated prices at ThemeForest are quite reasonable and low in comparison to some other dedicated websites and marketplaces.


Yes, this is true. But as a Black Friday & Cyber Monday there should be some coupon code. :slight_smile:


It looks like envato are running a bundle offer (can’t link to it but it comes up at top of the home page).

This makes more sense as it only impact a select group of author approved items and not just blanket discounting the entire marketplace (something which very rarely happens on any online store even on Black Fridsy or cyber Mondy).