Best WordPress Plugin

Hi Team,

Can you please tell me the Best Wordpress Plugin in terms of Coding Standard so that I can check the code and get some basic idea.

Note: Plugin which has a simple form with uploading in admin, sanitize, validate escaping properly and save data in their own created table in DB.

I have checked few popular plugin and found that they are not following many points which is mentioned in the envato docs for creating WP plugin.

One more question.
If a am creating a Class with unique name by prefixing some unique text, now I have created functions, Variables and constants in that Class.

So, is it mandatory to prefixed something like themename or plugin name to the functions, Variables etc which are created under the class.

Just to know if I am not prefixing some unique name to the functions, Variables etc which are defined in the class, will they conflict with other functions etc.

Hope I get response.
Thanks in advance.


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