What are the standards that Envato expects in coding.

Are there any rules in Wordpress plugins that he wants him to be absolutely about? For example, you should use function_exists. You have to use $ wpdb->prepare. So so.

Aside from originality and fundamental best practice, these are also relevant guides https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000510603-WordPress-Plugin-Requirements


Hello, for example myself, instead of constantly typing text domain for easy use, I was sometimes confusing the order of the letters, I shortened this function this way and it was easier to use. Is this forbidden? E.g.

Constants, variables or definitions must not be used to define the theme’s text domain. The text domain must use dashes rather than underscores and be lowercase plain-text

Please really take your time and read all the stuff in the article posted by Charlie above as well as official WP coding standards:

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Thank you i am reading