Best Slideshows for Love, Romance, and Weddings



Saying ‘I love you’ is easy to do in person, but when said through pixels it can lack sentimentality. However, there are a few ways to do this digitally that appropriately convey the message’s emotion, and one of them is through video.

Our expert community have curated this list of 10 romantic Adobe After Effects slideshow templates available on VideoHive. They’re completely customizable, and will give your other half that special feeling when it pops up on their wall.



Thanks so much for this opportunity! Please consider these nominations: by @Wayman. This brilliant design is a perfect example of beauty and simplicity! The project includes a dark and light version; suitable for wedding, engagement, and anniversary presentations. It also includes 4K, HD & Cinema versions (1920×800), as well as helpful video tutorials to guide you through the editing process. by @elmake. This amazing template transforms images into colorful ink drops, beautifully flowing from image to image. The clean & bright design captures the viewer’s attention and allows your photos to tell a unique and amazing story! by @SUPER-8. This photo gallery takes viewers on a journey to a hidden place where cherished memories are illuminated by glowing candles and shafts of sunlight in a rustic garden courtyard! "The Secret Garden” creates a whimsical, timeless atmosphere that’s perfect for family photos, wedding montages, memorial presentations, inspirational projects, and many more!


I would like to nominate this elegant pop-up album that beautifully presents the wedding photos in a romantic environment. Masterfully created 3D scenes and the smooth animations are so inviting. They create a nice holiday atmosphere that brings the viewer to that magic day.


My project for love stories.




@SUPER-8 Much thanks, my friend, glad to know that! :slight_smile:

Here are two of my favorite:

Romantic Fireworks by @yura_fresh. This amazing work is a remix to the opening titles of the film Blue Valentine. I think it is very beautiful and romantic template to make a wedding video more awesome. I’ve bought this project a few years ago when I did a wedding video for my friends. They were happy when they watched it!

Memories II made by me. I place this project here because it has a little story about love. Now the video preview has words about the time machine, but before there were a bit different ones. I was in love with a girl, but our relationship did not last even two months and we had broken up. I was very disappointed by this, but I decided to give her a parting gift and I’ve made this slideshow for her. I’ve put there photos with her and wrote many important words which I did not have time to tell her when we were together but which I had to say. I don’t know if she liked it or not, we never were together anymore. But as time went forward, I decided to remake this slideshow to upload it to VideoHive. All I’ve done was a changing of photos and text. At the moment this slideshow was sold 1369 times and brought me more profits than any other of my project. I don’t know, but perhaps, people are feeling that it was done with love.


this template made by me, it’s not just a slideshow it’s a graphic pack including a lot of assets like lower third, Opening, Title, Bumper Title, Closing Title, Lower Third, Transition, Bug, Plus bonus 11 Colours Correction Presets, all this come with lot of feature.


Lovely Slides of Romantic Moments

Hello everybody! Let me introduce my new slideshow project with elegant fabrics and minimalistic parallax effect. That template will help you to show your photos or videos, portfolio, wedding photos, etc.! Up to 25 placeholders for you!


Here are my entries: by @musicant. Nice and simple romantic slides with great music background. The perfect combination of font, animation and romantic mood, as for me :slight_smile:

Next one is from me: by @ZuzuZa.
And as you can see on the preview - it made with love :slight_smile: I tried my best to bring the lovely romantic mood into this project - so here are nice animated intros, vintage effects (bokeh, color correction, retro scratches etc.), great vocal track and many other. Hope you enjoy it :wink:


Perfect wedding album


A great family album


I like very much this project Lantern Night by Cream-Motion. The romantic mood and the lantern lighting make a great project for any romantic special event.

I would also humbly suggest Atelier Photo Gallery made by me. I tried to mix the powerful concept of art with the concept of love.


Let me introduce my wedding project :

Ribbons and Frills style looks gently with your photo. Just drag and drop your image and enter your names. Easy color control.

Romantic photo gallery by kraplak :

This slideshow project can be used for wedding, love, or Valentine day presentation. Looks very warm and gentle). Very simple color gamma customization


My Lovely Slides


Hello! Please take a look at my Hand Drawn Hearts Template. I think its awesome to add some cell animated grit to your project. With cell animation being extreamly time consuming I think these really add a nice polish to social media posts / and event promos!

Every Heart is modular and can be tweaked in any way to make it completely your own.

Thank you so much for the opportunity and I really hope you consider mine as I think it’s really different from a lot out there.


A Short and Sweet Opener for Wedding, Valentine and Romance

Brand New Concept and Tiny Red Hearts with Images/Video which opens your event/presentation sweet and engages audience eye into the event

And an additional Text version useful those who do not have Photos ready or not interested to show.

A Minimal and Trendy Opener for Romance, I personally like that character (Teddy) cute, Project has various color schemes which is handy for all occasions


Here are my nominations:

  1. In Love by px-bro
    This after effects template is perfect for any type of couple which celebrate their love(Valentine’s Day) with pictures and moments from the past. The template works like a charm with the song attached. It makes it even more romantic :slight_smile:

  2. Lantern Night - Wedding Photo Gallery by Cream-Motion
    Sweet wedding photo gallery which incorporates all key moments from your wedding. The romantism is increased by the lanterns on semi-darkness :slight_smile:


My favorite romantic slideshow. Here is an amazing colors and beautiful lovely mood! Greate 3d renders and deph in any scene!

And and want to introduce my project :wink: Smooth animatioon, watercolor and lot of romantic memories.