Best Adobe After Effects Photo Slideshows

What are the best After Effects photo slideshows?

We want you to post your favorite photo slideshows on VideoHive.

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  • Best feature(s): Hyper realism.
  • What I like most about it: I love how hyper realistic it is! It looks like the photos are really hanging from the trees. I like how it accommodates vertical and horizontal images and includes optional captions. The subtle light streaks really adds authenticity and realism.

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Best feature(s): Free music tracks included, thus saving the buyer an extra $17 or so.
What I like most about it: Its exquisite beauty, and the name of the item… so classy and elegant! That and the design quality, the flexible modular structure and the not one, but two magnificent cinematic music tracks. Truly breathtaking!

Best feature(s): Uniqueness
What I like most about it: I know you used this as your example, but it was a ‘game-changer’ when it first came out. Not sure if it was the first slideshow to incorporate the content live action footage, but it was definitely the best, and the first in this neck of the woods. Such a unique and well thought out approach that may have been matched after many attempts, but never really bettered. Top quality work.

Best feature(s): Design, Customization

What I like most about it: The template features a clean and minimal look, following the recent tends in design. Offering a wide range of variation, and customization ability that ensure a unique high quality result. The final image is curated with a lot of overlaid subtle effects, including original light leak footage. The Modular Timeline, two Logo-Ending versions, and the two different 2D and 3D Styles that are included, make this project one of the most versatile templates on the market.

Best feature(s): Originality

What I like most about it: Originality has become the major challenge of all creatives. Finding unique projects feels almost impossible. So being praised for standing out of the crowd is the highest and the most difficult achievement for a designer. Besides originality, the template features a lot of customization options that only add more value to the project. Those include: original light leaks, different ink footage, adjustable background, plus over 8 kind of border designs. Everything combined into an outstanding final animation.

Best feature(s): Design, Simplicity, Originality
What I like most about it: I like that the project is light and simple. In it you can use both photos and videos. It is very suitable for family and wedding photos

Best feature(s): Design, Customization
What I like most about it: I like this project so that it is very professional, easy to customize and slightly vintage.Very unusual design of the project! As always, the item includes video tutorial that even a novice will understand how to set up the project.

Best feature(s): Easy to edit, modular structure,100% After Effects, No plugins required
What I like most about it: Clean modern design, Awesome atmosphere, Multi-purpose

Best feature(s): Easy to edit, 49 Scenes for images
What I like most about it: I like the atmosphere and dynamics, in general this author has a lot of good slideshows, but of the latter, for some reason, I like it.

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Best feature(s): Stylish look, modular structure, easy to customize,
What I like most about it: This stylish project, with premade designs, very easy to add images or more placeholders. You can combine photos and/or videos with powerful text, and choose the perfect musical bed to enhance your message. Premade transitions keep your presentation flowing seamlessly, while your words and music add depth and direction.

Best feature(s): High Accuracy Music Synchronized Design
What I like most about it: Dynamic, driving and clapping slideshow. Make you want to move!

Best feature(s): Visually Appealing Design, Simple and Easy to Customize,

What I like most about it: This item is Featured by Videohive. Also it is having unique bugs like particles and light streak with particle trails which makes your next slideshow or presentation more interesting and engaging with your images or videos.

Best feature(s): Unique design and Animation
What I like most about it: The design and animation makes you feel your love and the title animations also looks very elegant

Best feature(s): Perfect marriage of modern handcrafting typography and minimalistic design.
What I like most about it: Warm and romantic, very touching and honest mood wrapped up in the minimalistic design and motion. Simple, but significant.

Best feature(s): Your photos will be looking super cool.
What I like most about it: Elegant simplicity. Great mood and vintage handcraft feel.

Wow, thank you guys for your choices and kind words!

Here is my choice:

  • Best feature(s): It’s a classic retro slideshow! An easy customization process and a great stylization.
  • What I like most about it: Make this slideshow for a wedding of your friends and all guests will smile and cry by the overwhelming feelings! I’ve checked - it works! :slight_smile:

  • Best feature(s): 17 powder footages are included!
  • What I like most about it: It looks fantastic!!! I’m sure, this template will be great for an awesome slideshow or for an opening title sequence of a Hollywood movie!
  • Best feature(s): Fresh parallax effect, easy to customize, no third-plugins required.
  • What I like most about it: I like the originality of design and nice inspirational mood.

And your second choice?

Best feature(s): Beautiful and impressive After Effects template
What I like most about it: Great style

Best feature(s): Choice any total duration (just tell me how many images you need to use)
What I like most about it: It’s a high quality, well organized and easy customizing template. Just drop your image or video, edit the text, add audio and enjoy result!

They can’t be both your items, otherwise everyone would have done that :laughing:


Best feature(s): Original stylish look, easy to edit
What I like most about it:
Minimal design and original look. I like this jelly effect.

Best feature(s): Clean and stylish look
What I like most about it:
Cool synchronization with music, clean and simple design.

Best feature(s): Atmospheric animation design, stylish look.
What I like most about it: Atmospheric animation and stylish look wrapped up in the clean and same time dynamic design and motion.

Best feature(s): Accommodates dynamic and clean design.
What I like most about it: I like this creative style. From start this slideshow catch your attention and keep it until the end. I love how it accommodates dynamic and clean design. And off course how animation Synchronized with Music.

Best feature(s): Originality and great mood
What I like most about it: I like the smart zoom and the modular structure.

Best feature(s): Visual Appeal and flexibility.
What I like most about it: I like the calmness and the elegance of the camera animation and also the blending of the modern and classical style.

Best Features: Originality, Uniqueness, Design, Customisation
What I Like Most About It: We love to convert this innovative idea into this beautiful slideshow project. Its a multi purpose slideshow and very easy to customise project. We sure you love this :slight_smile:

Best Features: Originality, Design, Uniqueness
What I Like Most About It: We love everything about this, concept, idea, execution…

Best feature(s): Eye-catching animation.
What I like most about it: I like the way how the cards are showing as same as the smooth animation of hidding at the end. Short, smooth and eye-catching!

Best feature(s): 3D animation without plugins
What I like most about it: I like that you can have nice looking 3d slideshow inside of after effects without plugins!

Best feature(s) Photorealistic design, created totally within After Effects.
What I like most about it: The photorealism of the reflections on the photo frames, the blend of layout designs and elegant typography with smooth camera move animations.

Best feature(s) Modern design and animation.
What I like most about it: The abstract vibe and glitchy animation is carefully crafted fitting neatly the audio/visual