Best Music for Fashion, Style, & Makeup Tutorial Videos

What does it take to make a good makeup tutorial video? That’s the focus of this guide, featuring a selection of some of the best video templates, and stock music on the Envato Blog.

The list in that article is a curation, in part, made out of the music tracks suggested below by our AudioJungle community. So, if you’re willing to get into the weeds a bit, scroll down and check out some of the amazing work by the composers of Envato.

I hope our items make your next makeup tutorial a success!


Here’s a few suggestions:

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I like this Fashion track because it’s minimalistic, soft and has a lovely melody. And I really also think it’s very beautifully produced.

This second track is by me. And it’s bright and positive fashion inspared house track. Playful and stylish, In my opinion that is how fashion music should sound.



Fashion by LoopsLab

Upbeat Pop by billyrubin


This track is good for fashion. It is perfect for beauty.

Great for the fashion show, luxury living, fashion reviews, party or luxury brand presentation.

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Hi! My favorites:

  1. Fashionable by @LumenMedia
    Nice fashion track that suits very well to videos about showrooms, fashion boutiques, etc. Modern sound and cool quality!
  2. Funky Fashion by @NisusPrideMusic. My own track that I proud for. Catchy funky groove with electronica and dance elements. Perfect for catwalks, fashion shows, style and so on.

For this, I nominate the following:

  1. by TimMono. The track is slick, groovy and it has that minimalistic fashion sound from the beginning to the end. Hard to pick a song from this author’s fashion house collection.

  2. by -MARiAN-. The track is entertaining and has a vibrant energetic sound; it showcases lifestyle, glamour and fashion events.

Best wishes!

I think it is:

  1. Fashionable by @LumenMedia
    Nice fashion track that suits very well to videos about showrooms, fashion boutiques, etc. Modern sound and cool quality!
  2. Funky Fashion by @NisusPrideMusic. Catchy funky groove with electronica and dance elements. Perfect for catwalks, fashion shows, style and so on.

For Fashion i want to nominate this tracks:

  1. Funky Fashion @NisusPrideMusic - excellent groovy, and yes, sexy fashion track with funk and house elements perfectly mixed in one pulsating and stylish funky groove.
  2. My own track Fashionable, one of my best selling item that gained greate response from buyers around the world. In this groovy track funky disco strumming guitars, groovy and warm electro piano, disco strings and trumpets combined in stylish disco house mix. This disco elements mixed with modern house groove, creating luxury and sexy atmosphere of fashion, party or luxury brand presentation.

I like the Rhodes in this one. Sounds very smooth and clean. I think this is good background for Fashion and Tutorial videos.

Second one, is by me. I think this track has right mood for Fashion/Blog videos. Guitar and vocal samples make it positive background and easy to use for videos.


Hi Folks!

Speaking of my own tracks, its the latest one I`ve done, called “Positive Beat” - in which I have tried to achieve a smooth and slick driving feel, paired with somewhat “magical” soul harmonies and ambient sounds.

Of other authors, there are high quality works by @CrestwoodMusic, and his bestselling track “Coffee and Cigarettes” which I am sure is capable of delivering great underscore for high fashion. There is acoustic appeal, which also develops into a full scale scoring sound which would fit Audrey Hepburn, or Catherine Deneuve movie. So anything high class, bohemian and artistic, stylish and chick, sophisticated and elitist, would gain greatly from this track.

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Hi here are my top 2 carefully selected tracks:

##1. Hip Hop by @boomopera

Hip hop style is the trend of this year as we already see that in many well-known YouTubers and this track starts it really well with a nice smooth intro following with a cool old school hip hop beat and also it does feature dips of vocal samples which makes this track suitable for fashion videos (and it has also 3 versions) :lipstick:

2. Timelapse Trip-Hop by @QuiqStudio

Even tho this track has the title ‘‘timelapse’’ in it I still picked this because whenever I listen to this track I think of fashion videos (specially from 0:25 of the track). It is mix of vintage and modern vibe and has a very cool syncopated rhythm that can make those videos really pop :nail_care:

  1. - This track is pretty suitable for many kinds of projects and fashion/beauty/style related is not an exception. It has a different style and trending sound.

  2. - professional track with right mood for fashion projects! Elegant and clean sound/


Hello everyone !

I want to nominate Fashion Background by IntelligentMusic. This track is perfect for fashion videos, vlogs and others, this track is groovy, it has got cool melody.

Also I want to nominate my track Fashion Calm mute guitars, modern bass, rhythmic drums, electronic claps, pianos, synths, fx and other instruments make this track perfect for different kinds of fashion videos.

Hope you enjoy !

Hi, All. My nominations:

Soft and beautiful ambient fashionable tech house music. Great and ideal lounge and ambient music for background music of different fashion videos, fashion catwalks, fashion show, art projects, etc.

Cool, energy, punchy, catchy, positive and funky stylish music for energetic fashion shows and catwalks. When listen, you feel atmosphere of fashion shows and stylish funky catwalks.


Hello! I think the fashion and beauty video fit these tracks:

Funky, dance/pop/disco track great for fashion video projects. In this one you can hear a lot of synths, funky electric guitars and electronic dance beats. This track creates a mood of enthusiasm, style and desire to show its beauty.
Fashion projects with this track:

All Around – lightweight progressive house, includes a lively rhythm and atmospheric trance sound.This track is bouncy rhythm, it gives us confidence. This track is a mix of modern sound with a vintage sound. It is daring, therefore perfect for showing a new collection of a daring fashion.
Fashion projects with this track:


Hello everybody!

    Dynamic, stylish house track. Nice groove perfect for fashion shows, presentations of various projects related to fashion!

    Summer, bright pop track. Perfect for parties and fashion presentations.

For this, I nominate the following:

Here is my variation. Its has thoughtful mood. calm music, great for fashion and make-up videos:

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