Looking for stuff that sounds like this :-)

Hi, All,

So I’m looking for Envato audio that has a cool, sexy, electronic, mysterious sound to it. Specifically, I’m looking for things that sound like this:


Which, I suspect, was made with a download from this very site. But, I’m not sure.

Anyway, any wise ideas you’d care to send my way? Thanks hugely in advance.


Hi @MichaelJay1957 ,

well, try this one from our portfolio. It’s sexy & cool. May you will like:

But you can try this one from the author, @AudioFunk if fits more :slight_smile:

Layla from HoneyLoud

Thanks hugely! I will give them a listen.

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Hi there,
This is a similar music track, maybe she will be suitable for you:

Greeting :wink:

I will definitely give this a listen! Thanks hugely!

Maybe this one?

WOW! This is amazing!