Best month ever, 226 sales!!!

I want to thank audiojungle family and all my customers who likes my music.

I’m very proud and happy today it’s my best month ever.
Same wishes for all my musician brothers.

All the best…


Wowwww that’s amazing amount of sales! Congrats for that huge achievement!! :tada: :tada:

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My congratulations mate, & wish further big success :slight_smile:

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This is unbelievable. Big congrats!

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Wow ) Congratulations :)))

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Congratulation @turkaynisanci :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

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That’s great news, @turkaynisanci! It looks like your portfolio is a perfect match for the influx of Ramadan-related searches that we’re seeing at the moment.

We’ve also just published a blog post for Ramadan and Eid featuring several VideoHive and GraphicRiver items - it looks like your tracks appear in the previews for three of the eight videos in that story, so hopefully you’ll continue seeing good sales for the next few weeks :slight_smile:

Have you actively sought out collaborations with VideoHive authors? It looks like you’re seeing great results so far, with lots of traffic coming across to your profile from


wwwoowww!!! congratulations!!!

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