Best match search 🤨


Today my Cinematic was approved and i try to find it in the search results of “best match”. It was at the bottom of the first page. Why has it happened? I know how to use tags, keywords, and title. In most cases my track appears at 1-5 places, but not at this time.
Need your advice, guys :thinking:


Can’t help you with the search engine, but it is forbidden here to post your item for promotional purposes.


Hey, this is not for promo! I just need advice! I deleted the link. Any thoughts about this problem?


What if today there were 15 more cinematic tracks approved :thinking:


Today 'till now exactly 81 Cinematic tracks were approved :slight_smile:


Omg, that was unexpected!)) Thanks for clarification! Sure, this is the point of the problem!


Yes, Corporate and Cinematic Tracks are very very popular. Hard to be trending in these categories.