Best Hosting Server For WordPress Theme Development


Currently we are working on a WP theme development. We are working remotely so it need WP hosting server. Now we are using Inmotion Hosting Shared server but it looks like that the server is responding very slowly we 3 or 4 developer are accessing same server at a time. As a result, we can’t work in a team.

So, can you please suggest any hosting server which can handle a lot of WP development pressure within a bearable monthly cost?

So, far i have come to know that the following servers are better:

  1. Bluehost
  2. SiteGround
  3. mediatemple

So, please suggest me choosing the best one.



Bluehost is the best one.


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I always recommend bluehost to my clients.

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Bluehost is good for best price, but it’s service is terrrible. Bluehost server often downs around 12~24 hrs without any specific reason. I had ultimate vps hosting on Bluehost but had to go to A2Hosting after 2 years of bad experience.


I think a vps or server is better for team work.