Berlin Brass

I can’t wait to get my hands on new Berlin Brass library. What you guys think about it? What did you use for Brass right now?

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I use this )

I use the albion range for most of my orchestral samples but sometimes layer them with other libraries just to add a little thickness and character to individual sections of the orchestra.

I know Spitfire Audio recently came out with a new Symphonic Brass Library and I’m quite tempted to get it, but I’m just going to wait for their annual Black Friday sale.

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@hickeypj symphonic brass by spitfire sounds really nice, I considered to get it, if OT doesn’t release by the end of the year. But them I get promo brochure of Berlin Brass, and pre-order it immediately. It should be great with all other berlin series. Before I was using Albion One brass section.
@WildLion_Production from the demo I like their tuba. Horns sound muffled to me. Trumpets are okay

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I use East West Hollywood Brass Diamond and Metropolis Ark1 and I also have Cinebrass so I feel covered.
However I like the fact that in this era of impersonal email marketing, they sent out a real brochure, I think it’s a nice touch :slight_smile:



I tried Hollywood brass, they sound great, but for only diamond edition is really usable, and I don’t like the Play engine. Metropolis Ark is also great, it was the sign thay OT can handle brass library well