BE Theme Options not work.

Can someone help me? “BETheme Option” is not working.
I have never had this problem.

I enclose a screenshot via this link:

I will try myself now, if I fail, I will return here at this post, Thank you everyone.
I found the problem yourself, it was wrong on the downloaded file on the BE Tehme
envatomarket / downloads I am using an old file and now everything works.

Thanks to everybody.

All the best.
Benny Brogan


please go to support tab here : Support

i hope its help you :thumbsup:

Thank you Ilmosys.

Benny Brogan

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Hello @brogangan!
How did you solve this issue?
I have exactly the same problem.
Best regards

Was anyone able to resolve the issue? I’ve the exact same issue.

  • All plugins are deactivated and it’s a fresh install of betheme
  • Memory limit is 256M

Please contact BeTheme support, unfortunately we can’t provide any solution here, on general forums: