Authors and their own landing page

Hi. I’ve noticed that almost 80% of the authors here on themeforest don’t have a landing page theme for their own domains. Actually most of them have a 404 error ,not even a simple html page.
E,g : if i hit the live preview on themeforest of “some theme” and redirects me to and then i’ll visit the , most of the authors have no page at all as i’ve described above.

Well…i admit i’m in the same situation…haha. I was so focused to build my demo pages for my themes that i forgot about my main domain page.

Now since i don’t have time to build one, i would appreciate if you guys could show me some examples . I’m looking for something simple, probably a slider to show my themes on index page, some links ( our themes, support …) and more important a mailchimp integration.

Thank you all !