AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Two days were pretty decent, first time for these two months. Friday is strictly empty now. Well, quite predictable.


So guys how is it going?
The worst may ever, 208 tracks in portfolio…

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A couple of broadcast licences make things not that bad, but in terms of overall sales count it is very, very low month.

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At the end of the day, sales count isn’t what really matters; revenue is.


yes, but I am pretty sure people complain here also because revenue is lower than ever!


I’m about average for me, if anything I’m on the higher than average side! Which is nice since I’ve got a bit of an inactivity stretch in terms of uploading due to me having to do my last bit of uni work.

Having said that I’ve never experienced high sales since I’m still fairly new, so I’m guessing the plateau level for this site is much lower than it used to be? :thinking:

Either way, good luck everyone! :slight_smile:


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May for me is still a “pleasant” and quiet month! How good when there are almost no buyers, beauty! :rofl::joy: No sales - no problem! :sweat_smile:Very quiet.
I want to make 1000 sales (my total counter my account) before my birthday on July 19th (more precisely, exactly 1000 sales (just some 102 sales, for Envato I think this is not a problem :slightly_smiling_face:), it would be a great gift for me ). I hope this is achievable for me and of course not without the help of Envato! New goal (primary) set (term - 2 months)!


2 sales this week, worst May in my 5 years here…
Hope it picks up!


I highly doubt it ever will, mate, but I do strongly hope it at least stops going down. Envato seems pretty determined to drench the markets till the last drop, though.

On a side note, I don’t even know why but today I checked again the Element’s customer forums and some client mentioned he was downloading around 1270 assets a year, including music. All potential sales we’ve lost for good for the puny price of $16 a month. Authors from all markets are pretty much in the same situation (except, by now, for the chosen few).

Anyway, I really hope sales stop sinking already. :crossed_fingers:


Utterly utterly utterly utterly diabolical. Poor. Appalling. Soul destroying month. Why upload anymore ?


6 sales for May.


Sales time has changed and is now Saturday and Sunday :slight_smile:

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Why do you find no sales funny ? Just curious.


It was irony. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fair enough. As you were :thinking:

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You are one of the lucky ones !


You are absolutely right, brother! This market reached it’s peak and now it is gonna be downhill… While i hope for the best I prepare for the worst - Exploring other markets, optimizing my efforts on Youtube, moving my portfolio and making sure my new works receive the needed attention by advertising them on adwords!

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I think it is possible that someone has a lot more sales, the authors who have not written here.

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3 sales for the month of May.