AudioJungle Profile Help ... YouTube embed?

We’re working on our profile for AudioJungle and wondering if it’s possible to put YouTube video embeds in it?

Notable Noise
Within the last few years we’ve worked with John Legend, Linkin Park, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, and the NBA. But we’ve done projects going way way way back to The Digital Underground, Mary Wilson from The Supremes, Chub Rock, Tribe Called Quest and numerous others. But between all of that we also create digital content using Stock Music Elements and know what you need, and how you need it!

We know not every TV, Radio or Video Short works with a Ukulele track (AudioJungle is in Australia … maybe they just reeeeally like Ukulele and crappy old dance music there? :grin: ) We’re here to provide you something different and creative! Follow us and we promise to provide you with cutting edge, emotional, useful music that will make your project stand out from the others!

Notable Noise
Creating Stock Music and Background Music Beds for Film, TV, Radio, Video Games, Digital Shorts and More! :grin:

I haven’t seen YouTube embeds on any AJ profiles, so I assume it’s not possible. Could be wrong though.