AudioJungle Free File Nominations: OCT - DEC 2023 (New info)

NOTE: File selection criteria have changed, and items that require a Purchase Code to unlock functionality may not be nominated here. Please read this thread carefully before submitting your nomination.

Use this thread to nominate one of your items to be used in a Free File promotion between October 1 and December 31, 2023. This may include our regular month-long “Free File of the Month” promotions, monthly free file landing pages, or other initiatives run by the Envato Marketing team.

Free files are a powerful motivator for bringing new customers into AudioJungle, and serve to showcase the quality of the rest of the marketplace. Items used in these campaigns receive a significant amount of exposure, which can flow on to more people viewing your profile, portfolio, and the other items you have for sale.

What’s the process?

In this thread, post a message with a link to your item (you must be logged in as the author of the item) and we’ll add it to the list.

  • The AudioJungle Free File of the Month for October, November and December will be selected from this list, promoted on the ThemeForest homepage and via email to our customers.
  • Additional Music and Sound Effects items will also be selected each month for a new Free File landing page, launching later this year. This is a new experiment, building on the success of the Free WordPress Themes landing page that is designed to bring new customers to AudioJungle from Google search result pages.
  • Other Free Files will be used in Envato Marketing campaigns and emails. These files are typically available as freebies for one week.
  • If your item is selected as a Free File, you’ll be notified via email with more details about the timing involved.

Who can nominate an item?

Only the creator of the item can nominate it for a Free File promotion. Any nominations for items that do not belong to the person nominating them will be removed from this thread.

Criteria for Selection

In order for a file to be considered as a Free File, the item must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be the author of the file you’re submitting.
  • You can nominate any number of items, but please keep your nominations to a single post in this thread.
  • The file must either be rated 4 stars or higher, or have at least 50 sales.
  • No item will be featured as a Free File of the Month more than once.

What if I want to withdraw my nomination?

If you’ve changed your mind, simply flag your nomination comment and let us know that you want to withdraw your item from consideration. You are free to withdraw your nomination and/or offer a different item at any time.

Any other questions?

We will keep this thread clear of everything but the nominations themselves, so if you’ve got any related questions, please start your own forum thread, or drop us a line via Support.

Please note that free files will be chosen randomly from the items nominated in this thread that meet the selection criteria, and not the order in which they were submitted.

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