Audio player that plays music when someone clicks on a picture

Hello everyone

I am wondering if a plugin exists that enables you to embed and audio file in a button or other element.

For example, let’s pretend that I have a client that has no idea what a ladder is. If they click on the picture of the ladder an audio file starts playing that explains what a ladder is. Next to this picture of the ladder is a picture of a lawn mower, and the same thing happens. When the client clicks on it then a different audio file starts playing that explains what a lawn mower is.

I am building an online course for a client of mine, and they really want a voice-over element on some of the things (they say it is too difficult to explain it in words)

Is this an impractical thought? Your ideas would be welcome.

Hi MrStockFootage!

If you are looking for a custom player in javascript we can provide this for you: