Audio player that plays non stop

I’m looking for a good mp3 / audio player that integrates with Wordpress and plays continuously throughout pages without interruption.

My theme has no sidebars so I need to be able to embed the player in the footer php code. I’ve tried some free ones but cannot get those to work, so need a file where I can get some support after purchasing.

Thanks for any advise and happy holidays!

with some jggery pokery you could use this…

Thanks Australia! Looks good but can’t find any instructions or mention of on how to integrate this with WP…

Well you would need to get some kind soul to help build it into a plgin.

Or checkout Radykal on here I am sure he built something like what you are after.

its either Radykal or Radkal not sure which, will quickly check

Thanks again - just emailed Radykal! :slight_smile:

Hei lorerei

Check my mp3 player. We’ll add that feature soon.


Thanks Zoomit. Do you have a link? I don’t see a mp3 player in your folio…

Last item on CodeCanyon…