Audio File Player with Automatic Folder Scanning

Hey guys, so I am looking for an audio player that will play files scanned from a folder. Several of the ones I have looked at here and even purchased just doesn’t do it … So I have a computer that records audio files (radio scanner) and uploads them to my server every 10 minutes. Persons can go to my website and play those files in a player (pretty basic)

The player doesn’t need to check in with iTunes, or anyone else for that fact as these do not need and wont have song titles, or purchase options etc… and that has been one of the sticking points. I purchased one script to use, and since it was checking in with iTunes with getid it hoses up after too many files. That one this one

One player, looked nice but the playlist was automatically generated, I had to go in and set click each time I wanted to update it. Needs to just scan. That was this one

So how many files, could be up to 360.
Looking for nice interface, and search option.

So two free scripts I have gotten to work they just do not look that modern is

This one I am using, it displayed them quickly no search option and just not that modern looking.
This has been another one I have used, however, I can’t get it to hide overflow and scroll and it has a playlist build feature that is not needed. It has search which is great and displays quickly but a tad difficult with no overflow hidden and the playlist build feature needed.

Suggestions appreciated.