Aren't shown all properties in Realia 4.3.1

Hello everybody!

Why are the whole properties not shown in t​axonomies. Only Sticky properties are shown. ( My site is in Russian lang)

What you need to do now is to contact the theme author support.

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I don’t know where to ask the question

Hello @manzan,

To go to to item support, just click the Item Support tab like shown here in this video:


Here are alternative ways to contact an author:

All the best!

You didn’t see what is wrote on the image I printscreened. There is wrote that “Aviators does not currently provide support for this item.” Last time in comments tab Aviators replied 6 months ago. In support tab support is closed. I wrote to author frome the author’s page, but I’m not sure they’ll ask me.

I see now. But in the same screenshot, it appears that your support has expired, maybe that is why they are not replying.

Still, most probably you’ll get a reply if you contacted them via the profile page.

They are not replying to ANY comment for 6 months.
I opened the pages of all Aviator’s product and in all of them it is wrote that “aviators does not support this item”

So, even if I’ll buy the purchase code, threre is no guarantee that I’ll be supported…

Have you tried to look into the theme documentation that comes together with the theme when you download it?
Usually many questions have answers in the documentation.

If not, I’d suggest to also ask Envato Help what to do in this case:
Envato Help & Support Center

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If the author is not supporting the item then there should be no expectation for them to respond, unfortunately.

Your best option would be to find a freelancer who can investigate and fix the issue, as well as customize it to your needs. Envato Studio is a great start for such services.

If the issue is major and you’re sure it’s not a configuration error on your part, then you might also be eligible for a refund (due to a “defective item”).

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