Are vBulletin themes not accepted?

Are vBulletin themes not accepted and why are moderators not approving quality themes?

Hi. I designed a forum theme and decided to upload it to themeforest. However, the moderators did not approve of my theme. I think I designed a theme like people are looking for and it looks better than other themes in the vBulletin category. There are no code bugs and vulnerabilities either. Are vBulletin themes no longer accepted? If it is accepted, why didn’t the moderators approve my theme even though my theme was good? Do moderators do arbitrary work? What are my shortcomings in your opinion? Thanks.
I do not have a good english. I apologize if I have word mistakes.
nick: trial
pass: 12345


Night Mode
%100 Mobile Responsive
Advanced Navbar
Quick Moderation Panel
Cover Photo
Simplified Footer
Social Media Buttons


Does anyone have the information?

There are only 7 listed, which would suggest to me that like most forum softwares, they are dying a natural death, wiped out by Facebook, Twitter etc. I think this market is largely over, but only my opinion. Your theme does not look much better than other themes available free of charge to be fair.

Features are open to members. If you do not sign in to the trial membership, you cannot use the added features. It is normal for you to think like other designs because you are not logged in.