My WordPress theme has been rejected


my item has been rejected. The email said that “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again". I uploaded my template to the Miscellaneous category and I see there templates much worse than mine. I would appreciate some help to understand what is wrong.

My theme after install:
My theme demo:

Thanks for your time.

  • menu should open when hovered
  • footer should have 3 columns or more, or you need to manage space better

Themeforest is more strict now than before, Its because they want to reduce the review time. So they prefer to hard reject items rather than soft reject.

If your design, and the purpose of theme is valid and acceptable, other issues they can ask you to fix them. Rather than rejecting hard your theme.

Your Theme’s message is not clear what is this theme for , the slider is too simple and too dark, Laptop Gets all attention and the message written in left is not clear.

The design you are using for body, is available in many other themes its not unique, The color scheme need some work, the typography use Google fonts, And your theme should clearly establish the purpose what is it for and who can use it.

No one can provide you complete guide, but you should search as much as you can recent themeForest PSD templates, and WordPress themes to understand the difference in design quality.

Ah now I understand. Thanks for the reply!

Any clues about this? I can still see very bad items are approved these days.
Some items should be even hard rejected even if they had been submitted 2 years ago.

Its simple, Themeforest does not care about authors, we depend completely on reviewers. if a reviewer have bad mood or taste you are gone. Some reviewers ignore minor issues with design, some reviewers hard reject. once an item is soft rejected by a reviewer AB and then BB want to hard reject but he would not cause he would support his collegues decision. So it depends on reviewers.

Let me tell you my story… Check my theme:

Is it loading fine for you? I think so . Envato Hard Rejected it with reason, Demo is not loading and i am using some kind of trick to hold up queue. :slight_smile: but it was loading fine i reached Envato support ticket.

They asked me it will be rejected again cause of Design quality, a reviewer in support. so you can well assume how helpless i can be, i reached them for some other reason and they said they will reject it for other reason that way :slight_smile:

I think envato should respect other Designers and developers. I hope envato team is World Number 1 Designer and Developers but we are also in field with 10+ years experience.