approval ratio 65% again

Hello everyone!
I’ve been contacting support for the second month in a row with a question about my tracks approval ratio. According to my calculations, it has long been more than 70%. But in support they say that it has been 65% for two months now.
How can this be, if at the beginning of December it was 65% (how support said), then two tracks were accepted, but at the beginning of January it was 65% again.
Has anyone encountered a similar situation?

I don’t know the specifics of your case, of course, but it is a moving window average - your last 20 submissions. So every time a new track moves into the window the oldest one moves out. You are in effect replacing one submission with another - if the old track was approved then the new track cannot increase the ratio, at best it can maintain it. Imagine you had 13 approvals in a row then 7 rejections in a row: |11111111111110000000| so approval of 13 out of 20. To get to 14 out of 20 you would need 14 approvals in a row - 13 approvals to finally make your oldest submission one of the rejected ones: 13 approvals in a row: |00000001111111111111| and then one more to get to 14: |00000011111111111111|.

Thank you for your answer! I understand why the approval ratio may not change.
I recalculated again my different options (including the “logo” and “music pack” categories, or just the “music” category), anyway my approval ratio is 70% and 75% for the last 20 tracks.
Why in support they write that 65% I still don’t understand(

I don’t think music packs or logos and idents are included - just the music category. If you are at or above 70% for the last 20 music tracks I think you should send a list of those items with approval/reject results to support and ask why their calculation differs from yours. Good luck!

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