Apple Motion Rejected Item - FCP Block Titles

Hey guys, unfortunately my latest project has been rejected, have never asked for feedback but this one really frustrates. Spent a lot of time working on what I feel is a completely unique rig allowing the user to reverse animation, create gradients and enlarge lines while the follow up lines can be moved further down; as well as normal timesavers such as on screen controls as well as the ability to turn the visual controls off when they gets in the way. The idea is for the template was for it to be used mostly for content marketing as this has been raised by many of users that correspond with me - they want rectangle titles that adapt to on screen text. I feel I could have done a bit better with the presentation of the video but I really see no flaws with the actual template itself and I feel it’s not being judged fairly on its merits. Right now nothing like this exists in the template field for FCP and Motion web-wide so I feel a bit gutted and puzzled at the rejection, your feedback would be greatly appreciated, I don’t want to bin this one, I really feel it has tons of potential.

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Anybody able to offer their advice?

Hey. This is very sad. Great project in my opinion. I would be surprised why there are still no such titles for Final Cut. And I wanted to do a similar project, even started. But after they rejected my project similar in technical terms, and looking at your project, it’s worth thinking about …