API: Login API Call - How to force display of sign in form




I’m working on a Wordpress project (Support forum for Envato WP themes).

The API call to login the user via Envato and get access to his Envato data works fine. But I have a problem, that the user nearly always is routed directly to the page to confirm access to his data and not to the sign in form where he has to enter his username and password.

Probably the user information is stored in a cookie.

Can anyone help me, which cookie to remove or is there another way to force the sign in form.

Thanks in advance.




sorry for bothering you, but do you have an idea how to solve that?

I found 2 cookies:

envatosession account.envato.com
connect.sid api.envato.com

Deleting them manually works.

Trying to delete the cookies from my js does not work.

Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone got an idea about that or is there a chance that it will be in the API in future?